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Each of us is allowed to have our own opinions, right? I can think whatever I want, like whatever movie, book, food or any other “thing” that I want. In a way yes, I am free, even though some people feel that they have to “correct” me.

I will be judged, tagged and why not discriminated because of what I appreciate or not. People will point it out how “stupid” it is to read Ágatha Christie or Dan Brown or how silly I am because I enjoy watching TV Shows that focus on the low class or that simply makes me not think of difficult things just as well, Big Brother and so on.  I will be selected and put in a little box: “Watches foreign movies” or “Watched Hollywood movies” because even that is a crime right now, it is not “deep” enough. So what? I really do like “shitty”, “sparkly” and “beautiful” things.

Eating a “Bobs” hamburger makes me happier than a McDonald’s one. I really do like it. Am I to be crucified? I don’t like to take pictures to make great scenes or beautiful images. I want to record what I am seeing and the moment, because I will forget then eventually. Oh well if you forget it than it wasn’t that important. No, it is that I have so many great things in my life that I just want to keep the details to remember. Oh and to shock even more. I DON’T CARE ABOUT MUSIC! I simply don’t have a favourite band or a favourite song and I have no idea who is that old famous rock star from the 80s. I listen to whatever, in the end I like Musicals and acting it out. Again, “shame on me”.

I like to read and to write common place texts. I like to see the simple. Do I like the complex and deep? Of course I do! It is also amazing. Although sometimes I just want to keep it easy, slow down and don’t think about anything in my life, it already is complex enough. And then I say this and people go crazy. Why do we have to keep grinding the gears, up to the highest speed when I can just relax and watch something about which clothes people are wearing and how to make a great combination or even better a ROMANTIC COMEDY and believe impossible ridiculous things may happen. Are we wrong to have a tiny flame of hope?

These people who want to be always right and force THEIR true upon you are as fanatic as the religious fanatics. Why something that makes me happy should be wrong? Am I invading your space? Am I disturbing you because I do this or that? No? So please, in a group conversation try to be polite and not throw away insults. You may hurt someone. You may disagree, it is in your right to do so, but do it politely, do it in a way not to depreciate other people’s ideas. What do you gain with it?

Do not insult me or put me down because you consider yourself “superior” to some concepts. You do not have the right to be disrespectful because you think so. Being open-minded is not a crime and must not be judged as if. It just comes out as rude and prejudicial. I am not less intelligent because I don’t share the same opinions as you do. Also I am able to blend in any conversation I want. I still have my opinions and I do enjoy some things more than others but I don’t shut myself from the rest of the world for this reason.

In the end being a righteous know-it-all may just be a weapon against yourself. Cutting yourself some slack, allowing you to enjoy some emptiness, watching a horrible TV show, reading a predictable book, eating not tasty food and taking clichés selfies. Try to let loose and live a little… who knows,… it may be fun!