So…writing at the end of a Sunday afternoon…. This is almost the sixth day straight that I’ve come to the library to study. Obviously I am going to explain why it is not completely the sixth day straight.

Day one: Tuesday – Library

I arrived from my Eurotrip 2.0, which included Egypt, but let’s leave it as a eurotrip, ok? I was really excited because I was so fresh and ready to start studying! I woke up at six am with the sun on my face, then I went directly to the library! How beautiful. I was shortly joined by my two best friends here in Queen’s land. Beautiful! Moments later lots of other people arrived. My study went over the hill. I gave up and went to the silent area to try to make it up. When I was there I missed being with them. It was so much nicer. So I kept going up and down. Dinner was pizza time.


After a long time, it was already midnight and I had done some things during the day. Organised deadlines, planned what to do, sent lots of e-mails and eventually studied a bit about freaking bacteria. However leaving the library was no easy task. Tom, Megan and I were singing/dancing/ etc in front of the library when, later, we gave up.

Weather: Freaking sunny

Day two: Wednesday – Library

On day two, I actually tried to do more work. Got responses for my e-mails and I started doing my lab report… And even though EVERYONE told me that the theme I chose was complicated I ended up doing it pretty ok. Let’s see what the teachers will think of it. But obviously I didn’t finish. And also, Megan and Tom got into planning the best maximum security jail ever. Just like any other daily activity.


Weather: Thought it was going to be freaking sunny again, but it was cold

Day three: Thursday – Library

I promised myself that I would finish the goddamn report… and I did it surprisingly fast. When I’d got to the library in the previous days I noticed that the doors were kind of more automatic then ever… I didn’t need to press the button or anything. But today it went back to answering to the button. Ok. At lunch time, Megan left with me to get some food and the doors were downright open. We found it strange and reacted in the most expected way.

With the soundtrack of Mission Impossible we went through the doors holding guns and pretending to be secret agents, or robbers, or something, like you do.

At night, leaving the library one door was open and the other closed. That didn’t stop us from repeating the scene.

Weather: Sunny and cold

Day four: Friday – Home

They decided to go shopping in the city and I stayed home to try to do more studying. I finished catching up with Game of Thrones, The big bang theory and Dexter. That was productive.

Weather: Went out to buy milk and immediately started raining hail, or whatever it is called. The hail here is small and perfectly round. Five seconds later “here comes the sun again”.

At night, it rained hail or however you call it. And it looked like the world was ending or the winter was coming back, or something. In panic I texted Megan:

Me: “What’s with this 5 second snow?!”
She: “That’s hail; frozen rain”
Me: “Is it common?”
She: “This is England, of course it is”

Megan: It’s like she’s a martian 😉 but we love Mayara ♥

Day five: Saturday – Library

I begged them to make me company (since I am the only one who has an exam next week) and we went to the library again. I realized that even though it is distracting having them around, discussing subject things with Tom and chilling with Megan helped me actually doing work.

As it was a brand new day, full of adventures, Megan painted my nail in a zebra style. To end up the day we watched Predator, because, why not?


Weather: Don’t care anymore, it is cold but I’m going to pretend it is spring.

Day six: Sunday – Guess what? Library!

I was in the silent room and Tom saved me and brought me to the land of not concentrating. Therefore we ended up planning how to dominate the world. And Lex Luthor was very much cited. Megan and recently-back ginger Ed arrived. I freaked because I couldn’t stand my work anymore and to be fair I had the following realisation:

“The teacher gave us the question for the exam to figure it out and be ready to answer in next Tuesday under pressure. However, I had spent the last six days studying the subject, and making notes and everything and to answer the question it seems that I didn’t need to have done it. You know…. What I think is that I didn’t answer it properly (which is probable) and he will never know how much effort I put in it. So… happy days. I reached that BEAUTIFUL moment before an exam when you DEFINETELY don’t feel ready, but at the same time can’t stand studying it anymore.”

Now I am trying to force a little bit more into my crowded brain… and looking forward to predator 2 tonight.

Weather: Ahn… now it is raining.