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We can complain and say whatever we want about men… but the Bro Code does exist and they do respect it. Simple rules like “My bro’s girlfriend is a man to me” and how to be a good wingman. I think that it is like this because they developed these rules throughout the years, as they were the ones who hunted and not the preys.

On the other hand, women were always the prey. I am not being anti-feminist or anything. That is a fact, it is not until now that the society understands that women can do more than just get married, have children and take care of the house (which is not an easy task must I say).  So, women were used to be waiting patiently for the man of her life (whether she wanted or not) to talk to her father and marry her. Very Jane-Austen-like.

Well, in this last century things changed, and as Europe is the birthplace of almost everything, at least for art and inspiration, I can see the female behaviour here in its full power.

Women don’t sit and wait for a guy to approach her here, if they want, they just, well, have a pint or two first, go and say whatever they have to say, or else. Women flirt, openly, bluntly… They just meet a guy, they like him, they want him, they just say it. They do not beat around the bush.

However… the problem is that they are so aggressive that they became unaware of other women. They simply do not care. I am drunk, I like you, therefore I will make out with you. Do other variables exist? Is he dating someone? Does any of my friends like him? Should I be helping a friend to kiss him or date him? Nop, all of that is invalid once they choose their pray.

Aaaaand yes I can say that with experience.

Things you should not say to other women and its consequences:

1. “Oh see that guy? Well, I kind of have a crush on him…” – Because that will draw her attention to him and he will be her next target.

2.”Oh… see… I like X can you please not hit on him? Or you know… please? That would kind of hurt me… a lot” – She will hook up with him even though she promised she wouldn’t.

3.”Well,… you know I like him, right? Can you please, not tell him?” – She will hook up with him next time she is drunk. Until now I have no proof that she has broken her promise though.

4. “Oh… I like X.” “Really??? You tottaly should ask him out! If you don’t I will tell him!” – Ahn… Not being a bad friend I think, but I can’t just simply ask a guy out! Hey, bro, wanna have a cup of coffee? RAW. Nop! And well… They almost tell him in front of me. I think that this is the kind of people who likes to live through others. I think I have already done that… more than once. Ooops.

I could think of other examples, but these are enough for now… I just wish woman would be more respectful… and no, these are not only British cases…Just that… Some facts reminded me of them. Of course some women can be good wingmen and in other words, good friends, but this is a veeery touchy subject.