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First of all, January was an interesting month! My friend here in England decided to say no to alcohol this month to support Cancer research. The deal  was the following: she would give up alcohol for a month and people who support this would sponsor the effort by donating money.

As I am a good friend and I find that this is a good cause I decided to join her and help her be away from temptations. On the other hand,we bought a fresher’s pass which enabled us to go to ALL the parties.So it was our duty to go.

That is all great, but January equals refreshers and for those who do not know refreshers week is a week in January to “welcome the freshers again” by having parties every single day, or other attractions.

It all starts in the last day of exams. Everyone is so freaking stressed out that they just want to go out and… well, be teenagers, in other words drink, make out with random strangers, drink, dance, flirt and drink.

Then, the first party was the end-of-exams party which I cannot remember much, but I know that Megan, Antonio, some friends and I arrived there before the party was really going on so we would get places in the cloakroom. And there we were, not allowed to drink anything and as a routine for the next days we would play pool. Actually I am very good at it! But Megan gets to win just out of her clumsiness.

After that we would chill until nearly eleven when the ballroom would start to fill and we would start dancing. It is quite an experiment to be sober in a party and just analyse the environment around.

Girls would dress almost nothing NO MATTER WHAT THE TEMPERATURE OUTSIDE WAS! I mean, Ok dressing slutty is a part of the game, and I am brazilian after all, I have seen my quota of funk dancers and stuff, but this weather is not nice to one who really wants to dress like that. And heels? I love heels but how the hell am I supposed to walk a mile in heels?? And in the snow! This first party was blessed with one of the worst blizzards of the year so far and the girls accomplished being on tiny (sometimes there was too much information to be seen) dresses and High high heels. I am a girly girl, but at this moment I just wanted to wear boots and a hoodie… seriously! it is insane.

Ok inside the building everything is hot and when the crowd gathers it is hell,.. so it is not that easy to dress up to parties in here…

This first party was not that different from the others but it was incredibly fun since in the end Megan and I were just dancing our stress out ( yeah I invented this expression) by the end of it.

Next day I thought I would be exhausted but, actually no, I was pretty much ok and that night we would go to headphone disco. I thought it was going to be lame, because the idea is that everyone would be wearing a rented headphone (that would never work in Brazil) which enabled us to listen to two different channels of music. If we took the headphone out  there would be no music at all in the ballroom. This was effectively the best party of all. Not only because the selection of songs was so much better (to my taste) but if you took out the headphones everyone would be singing and you could actually listen to their singing!

Sometimes one song would be preferred over the other so you could listen to the majority of crowd singing it better than the alternative. Sometimes both the channels would be great. Sometimes boring songs would be on both channels and suddenly people around would get excited and you would change the channel you are listening because probably in the other one everything was better!

And no matter which channel you were you could see people dancing Gangnam Style and you would change yours and join them. I need to mention that as the week went by we were dancing Gangnam Style in perfect synch!

Anyway, that party was interesting too because I got to keep my resolution of not being stupid and committing obvious mistakes… but let’s just leave it like this… I had fun and danced so much! It was three in the morning and Megan and I were literally JUMPING! And I can not forget to mention our great performance (ballet, jazz, contemporary dancing, etc) of Bohemian Rhapsody. Needless to say anything. We were in the middle of the crowd and everyone was watching us.

Megan and I went to drink water…(thank God water is free in the bars) I am ordering it and she says: “Maya, listen, Katy Perry!”

I put my headphones on and start singing (more like screaming very loudly and performing), completely forgetting that no one else could listen to the music (because it was not the dance floor and people were without the phones)

 A guy approaches us, and she says: “And she is not even drunk.”
The guy does not believe. Hence… Megan will mock me forever. But hey… Katy Perry!! 
2013-01-20 01.13.18Next day was a Sunday and just to relax there was a comedian and a magic Dragon with a chuahua (yes, the dog)
We laughed our heads out… I mean, I did, I like stupid things =D
Monday came and I decided not to go to the party at night. Neither did Megan.
Tuesday was the flapper and dappers party and for this one we were really excited to go! We dressed up, and put a lot of effort in it. I ended up straightening my hair and all. A flapper is like a woman from the 1920’s, 30’s. All the guys were dressed as dappers, aka suit up!
2013-01-22 23.12.01-1
The party per se was kind of boring but we enjoyed as we could… there were performances of crazy keele students (No nothing like the real Burlesque) but a drag show and a strip tease from a girl. Really.
However… they had hula hoops… thats how we spent our time.
2013-01-22 23.51.43Then it was Wednesday… I just stayed in again… I knew that I was loosing money, but anyway, not in the mood.
Thursday was going to be full and great!
First there was a reception/ball for the international students to say how great it is to study abroad. In other words FREE FOOD AND DRINKS! The only problem was that I couldnt drink all that free wine =( Anyway. I met some friends that I missed! And after that we took a tour in the Keele Hall, the mansion of Keele. Really, with ghosts stories and all!
2013-01-24 19.21.01
After that we had a proper dinner in Lindsay bar and later KISS the Greeks party. (KISS = Keele International Students Society)
It was different. When you get all the non-british students in the ballroom I am not going to deny and say that it didn’t look like Dirty Dancing (yeah the Mashing Potatoes scene) because it did! Oh my God it was very dirty… dancing! Kind of funk, with R&B with doubstep with I don’t know what. It is funny to see how the brazilian culture got to be what it is… Not being racist, but in this party we could see people from everywhere and in Brazil we have people from everywhere! That’s where our dance moves come from! Nice to dance, but I didn’t know the majority of the songs, but well, had fun with my beautiful Jwan, who is my clone, seriously! This girl is amazing! Beautiful, mature and dances like a devil, well at least like me! 😉
2013-01-25 01.54.25And yes, I was dressed up as Blair Waldorf….
And finally friday arrived!
Yaaaaaayyy, lectures finished at five and after that, getting ready for the James Bond Ball! real Ball!
This time I wanted to wear my heels! (Big mistake because 2 hours later I remembered that I have torn ligaments in my ankles and that I cannot cope with it anymore)
Got to the party, met my buddies (Tom and Megan!) And we got in! We took lots of pictures since the Scruffy squirrel was decorated with James Bond things.
2013-01-25 21.44.09
And guess what?
There was cassino! We played Black Jack and roullete (dude, doing all of this without one drop of alcohol was really hard).
After that we went to the ballroom and danced a lot, and laughed even more. All the weird references that I can share with these two are impressive and yeah, Mean Girls is one of them. As Megan said:
‘Sound cuts out, so naturally, me Tom Lewis and Mayara Ramos….”what a bright time, it’s the right time, to rock the night away, jingle bell time it’s a swell time, to go riding in a one horse sleigh!!!!”
True mean girls style :)’
Yeah, I love them!
Anyway, party goes on and Megan and I resist until almost the end.
When we go home it is not only the end of a week, but the end of a very crazy and memorable week!