That is funny… how parallel universes do exist and we don’t even have a clue.

Recently my mom visited Keele and she reckoned the similarities between USP and here. It is amazing that I went across the ocean and found a place that, well, looks like home.

And not only that. Here I found friends that reminded me of home and I got to realise some patterns in my life. This is a subject to be discussed with my psychologist, but I find it interesting.

First about Keele. Physically they are similar, the trees, the buildings, the student facilities I don’t really know how to describe it but everything is kind of horizontal. You will not find tall buildings in both of the places. They are adorable. Also the student’s union, I can compare to our dear old CV, except that here in Keele the space is legendary (yep, Barney Stinson reference), though it really is good.

The SU has a floor for the parties. The meal thing really works. There are 3 different spaces and DJs always play the same kind of music. You do pay to get in, and you feel that you pay too much for the same party with the same people in the same place with the same crappy music.

People are always drunk, girls wear almost no clothes no matter how cold it is ( and in keele that means freeeezing) guys are douchebags, or at least pretend to be.

Also, concerning my friends there is a comparison that I cannot avoid to make!

I am not Queen B. I have never been and probably never will be. Because I am not good at it. I could be, but my best place is a vice-B. And back in Brazil Raquel is the queen B of the group, here I have Megan. They are both fierce, ambitious, go for what they really want and don’t give a damn about fear or 2nd thoughts. “If he doesn’t like me, oh well, next!” I envy them so much. They are both so beautiful and small and thin and strong willed. They always try to bring me to their side and be braver like that. They are not afraid to dance as much as they want, they will talk to everyone and meet everyone in the party. Being around them is always knowing nothing about them at the same time that I feel that I know all about them. They are unpredictable. They do bring the best in me.

I could go on making comparisons. Vini, my best friend could be split into two of my male friends from here. I could say that Tom is as adorable and popular as Vini is, (really both of them are like those little clumsy puppies), although Tom is pretty much better with the cheesy pop references, and that Antonio is always there for me when I need and when I don’t and is my new partner in the lab, and in facebook, and in gossip, and well in pretty much everything. I am his failed wingwoman =)


I also have a group from drama, such as my group from drama in Brazil. They are not that similar, but still drama is drama!

Anyway, before I leave I will write about all the friends I have made here. And sorry but that will be a loooong post.

This post was pretty brief though, but it means a lot!