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It is the end of the semester, or what should be a semester in England, but it is somthing that in fact started in September and finishes next week, and oh, what makes even more sense is that we are starting next semester without even knowing if we did well or failed the exams. Good isn’t it?

I had to write about it, first because I want to procastinate ( and I am writing in English to try to avoid everyone that thinks that I am the perfect student judging me, I know Google translator exists but… anyway…) and second because it is amazing to be living it… well you will see what I mean.

First, I arrive from my eurotrip the Sunday before the first Exam ( Monday at 13h). Did I study? If you consider what I started reading in my phone while waiting in the bus station and inside the bus in a trip from London to Newcastle-under-lyme, well that is something.

I get to my room by nine and finally resume to reading… and reading… Next day, I wake up at 6h30 and continue reading. Meet my friends in the library and we start trying to solve past exams. On this… Keele provides you with the past exams. Yes, it is beautiful. Back home, in USP, it would be a blackmarket,… we would almost use it as a currency between the seniors and well… us. I had some contacts and there were other few lucky bastards that had too, so we would secretly trade it in our class google group. And everyone would go crazy and try to solve and memorize the questions and answers.

Back to Keele… the teachers give us the Holy Grail. So by one I am anxious, but I’m kind of whatever… until someone tells me that we have assigned seats! And,… roll the drumms, our class is going to be mixed with other classes, eg. Forensic Science year 2 does the exam in the same room that Human Biology year 3 and XXXX year one… and so on! That is soooooo adorable! I mean,… That would happen in my private high school, but in USP, the most organized thing would be separation in two rooms because there was not enough space for everyone in one room, or just keep everyone close together, whatever, they will cheat anyway (just don’t be that loud, ok?),… Except fo Jivaldo’s exam, but he is an exception.

Just to point it out… that reminded me of that part in Harry Potter where they are sitting on the Great hall doing the OWL’s.


Also, I believe people do not cheat on the exams here in Keele, at least I haven’t seen anyone doing it yet… well I may leave this yet in the sentence.

After freaking a bit I go to my table and to my delight it is a big table, not a small one that not even the sheet of paper would fit. The exam reminds me so much of a FUVEST or a very serious test, the examiners (or some other name) read the rules aloud in the front (which I must admit in the first day surprised me, so I did not really understand or pay that much attention) we have the booklets with the questions and another one to answer, we write our students number, the type of the calculator ( I am ashamed to admit that I don’t really know the type of my calculator, and so I wrote it wrong in the first time and in the second time I think I got it right, for instance, hand held, solar battery calculator, or battery one?) The thing I hate about filling those things is that I am so aware that I can not write anything wrong that I kind of write everything wrong!

On the top corner of the answers booklet there is something written that I have to moist and  fold to hide my name and number. Really? What is that thing for??? And my first thought is WITH WHAT SHOULD I MOIST IT WITH??? So I remebered that I had to lick envelopes last month… If I am not supposed to do this,.. well too late, and I feel ashamed for it…

We have big clocks in the rooms so we see the precious 2 hours go by while in the middle of the exam you start wondering when you should start studying for the next exam, and whether it is ok if you take some free time after you finish this one.

In addition to all that I am not allowed to keep the top or the loose part of my calculator… these Keele people are good! They know it all!

Just to make it funnier, I admit I still do not know where I should write the number of the questions in the answer sheets. I just write twice in the place written “write the number here” and where I am actually writing,… my answers are already confusing, I dont need to make it more difficult for them, right?

What else? Oh right… first exam. In the rules it is written: ” Start new questions in new pages”, well… Bad Luck Brian here happens to not have enough pages for each question… ends up making a huge mess and filling the front page wrong.

For my second exam I spent A whole day and some hours of the day before revising. Good, however it was a very hard module, and the day before it was a friend’s birthday aaaaaand I decided to join him and other friends for dinner ( a great decision actually, I loved it!) After that resume to the library and studying… and drinking energy boost, but i dont know if that worked… or if that CAN work in me… Immunity…

The exam today, contrary to the first one ( in which I could stop panicking until three hours later) was Ok… You know when you think.. “Oh it went better than expected?” Oh well, it never is true… so my hopes are not high.

Are the exams difficult? Considering that by now I should be used to exams that have nothing to do with the classes or the slides, or that have questions that you ask yourself ” How the hell am I supposed to know this?”. I think they are University exams… but yeah, you always feel that you studied too much and nothing that you studied was on the questions… So, go on USP teachers you are crazy and doing it English style!

Next exam is on Friday and what am I doing? Ha…ha… ha….

Oh man… I think I am too old for this.