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Para todos que querem saber como eh a vida aqui na universidade, eu escrevi esse texto no mes passado depois de observar algumas festas…Hoje, um mes depois conseguiria faze-lo dobrar de tamanho e com exemplos, praticamente uma coluna da Carrie Bradshaw com historias verdadeiras que aconteceram com alguem que conhece alguem. Nao importa se na USP, se em qualquer universidade brasileira, ou se aqui do outro lado do mundo, as historias se repetem. Acho que aqui em Keele tudo fica um pouco aumentado por ser praticamente uma bolha. As pessoas que moram nos Halls daqui nao tem muito contato com a realidade fora de Keele, exceto em algumas ocasioes. Mas vamos deixar assim. Nao vou traduzir porque se eu o fizer vai acabar com a dramaticidade.  Enjoy it!


Emotional drama

Uni has started for over a month now and all that can be seen and felt is emotional drama.

Young, pure and innocent boys, who had just turned eighteen, go out to live far away from their home towns and now they think they are free to be real men! What do they leave behind? What will they learn in this new phase?

In the same way, little girls leave home to face a world of new adventures. But I would not worry too much about them, no eighteen year old girl is stupid, not emotionally at least. They know what they want, they know how to avoid what they do not want and they will be protected.

The field is already full of hungry animals, party animals one would say. The older ones are already scarred and ready to attack.

This is the scenery, so what could be seen are:

– couples who are apart by distance who thinks they can make it work…. up to a moment when they will end up because nothing survives the distance and the dangers of a new world, actually it’s all about growing apart;

-“older” girls who are desperate for new meat, since they have already eaten the old meat at school, and will beat around the bush ready to grab the first fresher who gets lost in the forest, or drunk at the party,… pretty much the same;

– boys who used to be the nerdy ones at school, maybe even bullied, and now that they can start fresh will go crazy and forget about everything, including who they are and become the ones they hated in high school, or college, le douchebags;

-This last kind can even progress to transform into the menwhores, the ones who attract girls, women, whatever, sleep with them, or just make out with them in a higher rate and simply don’t even bother calling the next day, or actually even asking for their phones at all; always available for a buddy call;

– girls who try to be so strong and avoid this menwhores and douchebags and end up with lots of friends but no potential boyfriend because they see her as a mate;

– the ones who just broke up a relationship and doesn’t really know what to do now, but are  unexpectedly thrown in the arena, and their weapons are makeup, clothes and lots of drinks;

– the group of friends or acquaintances where a likes b who kissed c who fancies d who is actually dating e but secretly fantasizes about a who is the best friend of c;

– the naive girl who thinks she can trust anyone and is always too eager to let down her wards and find true love, but real life is a bitch and she just ends up hitting her head against the wall and disbelieving human kind;

Overall they start to lie and pretend to be someone else, a character that they think would succeed in this wild space, even if  they don’t realize it, they try to be clichés so desperately that it would be easier and faster just to try to learn to be a better and mature person.

When you mix everything up in the same week, add little lies and a bit of bullshit, you get the perfect mixture of a disaster. Or at least an emotional breakdown, Keele is a bubble and to be a reality show just what is missing are the cameras for you see the same people, all the time, listening to the same playlist at the parties, doing the same dance moves and repeating the same mistakes that so many have already committed.